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Forum » Forums » Rank and File Of Admins.
Joined: 4th Oct 2013
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11th Oct 2013

  • Owner:In charge of all operations related to the guild.
  • Co owner:Help in taking charge of the guild, helps run the website when Owner is not around.(Required to be active)
  • Admin:They are chosen to help the owner run the site, gaming network and social media.Helps run the website when Co-Owner is not around.
  • Admin in Training:Chosen as future admins depending on whether they were good enough during training or not.      

So here was the information about what the admin related people do.Now we will show you the rank-and-file for the admins.

  • Owner:Skull-VIII
  • Co-Owner(s):Hidden_Assasin_0, thatsogamer
  • Admin:Fearblog, Andrei.
  • Admin in Training: N/A

So these people on the list will have rights to ban you if they catch you breaking a rule.If you haven't done anything wrong just send me an email at and i will deal with the matters.

I like games and apple juice!

Forum » Forums » Rank and File Of Admins.
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